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Apartment or building fires are extremely traumatizing events, they make you feel insecure and unprotected. People who have gone through such incidents often say that they are left with nothing but a burned down house which doesn’t provide the comfort that it used to. However, if you have recently gone through a house or office fire, remember that your house can be restored and this is made possible by the West Covina Fire Damage Restoration. No matter what type of fire, we ensure that we will take care of the crises and bring you back into a home that is as comforting and inviting as before.

What is Fire Damage:

When Fire damage occurs, you house is a typical chaotic mess. Following are some of the changes you will see.

  • Everything is settled with soot and smoke
  • The insulation in residential circuit is damaged
  • There may be damaged gas pipes and leaks
  • Soot and water is trapped underneath the floorboard
  • The furniture is smeary damp and sticky

How to Restore It:

If the fire damage is massive and has spread in the entire house, you won’t be able to take care of it alone. You will require professional services to help recover your property. However, there are a few fire damage clean-up hacks that you can do to take care of small damages.

  • Towel dry every wooden furniture in the house so it does not absorb water and lose its shape
  • Put carpets and wall hanging out to dry
  • Clean mirror and glass objects with spray cleaners and cotton towels
  • Wash every fabric with alkaline solution weather it is clean or not because even those can be contaminated with particles
  • Objects that have not been damaged by fire, should be wrapped in aluminum foil or plastic foil so it can be protected from contamination during restoration process

Why Call Professional Services:

Calling fire damage restoration companies to recover your fire damaged property is the best way to take the stress off of your head. Here are a few other benefits of approaching a professional instead of doing it yourself.

  • Getting each clean-up job done separately can be very expensive. Fire damage companies on the other hand provide all services in one place to renovate your house with affordable packages and quality services.
  • They have the right equipment and skill required to clean your house.
  • The years of exposure to all kind of fire consequences gives them an edge to work more efficiently.
  • If the company that you hire is certified by IICRC and other training bodies, it automatically adds to merit of their work.
  • They can give you the exact time and details when the renovation will end because it is their job and they know how to do it right.
  • Professional companies have their own storage facility to keep your temporary belongings safe while the restoration work is under progress.

What does West Covina Fire Damage Offer?

Our services include:

  • Call and consultation
  • Emergency onsite response
  • Services extended in Los Angeles and Orange County
  • 100 percent insurance billing
  • Fire and smoke remediation
  • Antimicrobial treatment
  • Refurbishing services

So basically, our services are a blend of everything that you want to be offered. We have the right people for the job so that your work is completed professionally. We provide all kind of water and fire damage solutions as well as sprinkler damage repair. We will communicate everything you want to know so call us now on 626 756 4551.


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